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The Homebuilt Homepage is an index and reference on Homebuilt Experimental class aircraft and related information. This is a non-profit website. Links to this site are welcome.
The following data is provided for information purposes only. Being listed on the Homebuilt Homepage does not constitute any guarantee or recommendation on the part of the Homebuilt Homepage, nor is any guarantee made as to the accuracy of information on these pages. The reader is advised to contact the specific aircraft manufacturer directly. And remember that buyer beware is sound advice.

Kits and Plans
Currently available kits and plans for Homebuilt Aircraft.

Homebuilt Aircraft
Homebuilt Aircraft under development, no longer available, one of a kind, and builder/fan websites.

Vendors of parts, supplies, services, software, books and magazines for homebuilders.

Homebuilders Directory
People that have built or are flying Homebuilt Aircraft.

Clubs and Newsletters
Clubs and newsletters of interest to homebuilders.

Miscellaneous Information
Things that don't have a place elsewhere.

Technical Information
Aerodynamics, design information, airfoils, regulations, software, etc.

Homebuilding Calendar
Upcoming fly-ins, builder's workshops, EAA Chapter events, Homebuilt club activities, and more.

Other Aviation Websites
Non-Homebuilt related aviation links.

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