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This section lists one-of-a-kind Homebuilts that don't have kits or plans available.

Acro Engines & Airframes
Barry Smith's VW powered acrobat called the Acro Advanced puts on airshows in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Arnold Company's Homepage
Mike Arnold's AR-5 is the first man-carrying airplane to break one of aircraft design's most durable barriers by having a flat plate drag area of less than one square foot. The AR-5 will do 213.18 mph on a 65hp engine.

Dakota Messerschmitts
Building a full-sizes replicas of the Messerschmitt Bf109. Due to the completely out of control lawyer/liability situation this plane will not be offered as a kit or plans.

The First Across Organization
Building a full-scale replica of the NC-4, the first aircraft to successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Nemesis Air Racing Team
Nemesis is a homebuilt Formula 1 class air racer that is one of the best of the breed.

The World's Smallest Piloted Airplane
The Bumble Bee II, designed, built and flown by Robert H. Starr, broke the world record for the world's smallest piloted airplane in 1988. The previous record was held by the Bumble Bee, also by Robert Starr.

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