Anushka Productions

Anushka Productions is an Amateur Professional digital video production company. What I mean by that is I'm just an amateur. But I get professional results. And I have job that takes priority.

I can produce standard video tapes, Web ready digital video clips, (Standard Web Server or Streaming Server ready,) digital video on CD-R, Video CDs (VCDs, which can be played by many DVD players) or DVD.

Click on the small logo picture to see the video logo of Anushka Productions. It may take some time to load as it's 643K.

I just do this as a hobby. So my rates aren't just reasonable, they're dirt cheap. I'd do better in one of Kathie Lee Gifford's sweat shops. However, I don't work for free. I do have equipment I want to buy. Basically, it's very negotiable.

Of course, how much depends on how big the project is. The more work the longer it will take me to do. Multiple camera work is the most time consuming.

The biggest project I've done was a five camera shoot of an 80 minute live event. It took three weeks of more than full-time editing to complete, and over five hundred transitions. That's a bit much, so it will take some convincing to get me to do that again.

I keep digital masters of all my projects, so it's possible to get more copies after a project has been closed out. But I usually charge a couple bucks extra per copy to offset the higher cost of producing small quantities of labels and the inconvenience.