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This section lists aircraft type websites that aren't necessarily Homebuilt related.

Airship And Blimp Resources
The Definitive Reference on Airships since March 1995.

Canard Aviator Homepage
A Web site dedicated to Canard Aircraft and Aviators.

The Hang Gliding WWW Server
A WWW server for the foot-launched flying community.

Spitfire Restoration
A web site designed to make Spitfire drawings available to Spitfire restorers worldwide. By Copyzone Archiving Ltd.

SR-71 Blackbirds
Website about the SR-71. Lots of information, photos, and links to other SR-71 sites.

Ultralight Flyer Online
Online reference for Ultralight aircraft.

The Ultralight Homepage
Information about all types of Ultralights.

Ultralight On Line
The Italian Ultralight Homepage.

World War I Aviation Homepage
An excellent introduction to the air war.

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