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This section lists aircraft vendor websites that aren't necessarily Homebuilt related.

Offering the Sirocco, a one-seat ultralight aircraft, and the Swift, a high-performance foot-launchable sailplane.

A Free classified listing site for all types of aircraft.

Aircraft Shopper Online
Where aircraft are bought and sold on the Web.

At the AirShow you'll find hundreds of aircraft for sale, aircraft dealers, advanced searching, and financing information.

Airtech is a consulting service for all your business needs concerning Computers, Internet Connectivity, and/or Aviation.

The Boeing company website. Information about all the different areas Boeing is involved in including commercial, business and military aircraft, space systems, missiles and more.

Breezer Aircraft GmbH & Co. KG Revised 18 Nov 07
Offering the Breezer/Breezer C two seat ultralight as either a kit or a ready to fly aircraft.

Everett Aero
We are a UK based company specializing in British Ex. military aircraft, engines and spares.

Explorer Aircraft, Inc.
Australian company developing a big single engine aircraft that outperforms most twins.

Fly With Us - MIG Flights
The fastest way to have fun! Take the controls of a high-performance fighter jet in Moscow, break the speed of sound, pull 9 g's - with one of the best pilots in the world as your co-pilot.

Interplane, LLC
Vendors of the Czech designed and built Skyboy sport aircraft.

The Learjet company website. Includes information about the aircraft, press releases, company history, apparel and gift items, employment opportunities and sales/service information.

Motorized paraglider featured on David Letterman, Baywatch, Inside Edition and other National Television shows, as well as Newsweek.

Sadler Aircraft Homepage
The Sadler Aircraft Company produces light attack aircraft and microlights.

Safire Aircraft Company
Developing the S-26 Safire personal jet, a six-place twin turbofan engine aircraft.

Sevtec's Surface Effect Vehicles (SEVs) give you all the pleasures of hovercraft, and you fly along, efficiently, with low spray, with a minimum of commotion.

Webitecture Classifieds
Aircraft Advertisements. Webitecture's Aircraft Classified Ads: The future of aircraft classifieds.

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