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This section lists general aviation websites that aren't necessarily Homebuilt related.

The About.com Guide To Aviation
About.com is an index to the Internet where they sort through, organize and accurately describe each link. The Aviation Guide has an expert editor very knowledgeable in the field. One of the best indexes on the Internet.

AeroTrade.biz, Online Aircraft Marketplace
The world has become one global village thanks to air transport that makes distances shorter and continents closer. The same idea gave rise to the server AeroTrade.biz, an online aircraft marketplace, that contains worldwide offer of aircraft and technology from gliders and small personal planes up to huge airliners and cargo aircraft.

International Aviation web market.

Aircraft Owners & Pilot's Association, AOPA
A membership must for any pilot, half of the pilots in the U.S. are members already. AOPA provides member services that range from representation at the federal, state, and local levels to legal services, advice, information, and other assistance.

Aircraft Resources
Aircraft related news, books and web resources.

Aviation Communication
Serving the aviation community, as well as potential fliers who just want more information on aviation.

The Aviation Home Page
Your link to the world of aviation.

Aviation News, Weather Updates, Aircraft Statistics, Landing Facilities Search Engine, Aircraft Classifieds, Employment Listings, Free Internet-Based Member E-mail, Discount Online Pilot Shop, Pilot Resources, Featured Aircraft, Products and Books, Special Features for the Aviation Enthusiast &Much More.

Aviation Search Engine
Index of aviation and aircraft websites.

The 'Aviator' Web Site
Aviation information including product reviews, classifieds, virtual airline, on-line store, bulletin board, and much more.

AvStop Magazine Online
Aviation websites and articles.

Julio Benvenuto Acrobacia Aerea
The official site of Julio Benvenuto, Argentine pilot of aerobatics. Website is in Spanish.

The place for planes and pilots. Free web-based scheduling for your club.

The Dream Of Flight
A great website about flying and becoming a pilot with links and information.

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)
A non-governmental and non-profit making international organization with the basic aim of furthering aeronautical and astronautical activities worldwide.

ADN, Aircraft Dealer Network's website listing thousands of aircraft for sale.

A comprehensive directory of over 1,000 of the internets best, and most difficult to find, aviation links. Topics ranging from aviation products to airline ticket prices, to state-of-the-art aviation weather sites and everything in between.

Online aviation resource. Aviation weather and airport information in one source. Plus lots of other useful information.

KC Flyer Newspaper
The K.C. Flyer is a bimonthly pilot's newspaper providing general aviation pilots around the Kansas City area a "home-town" magazine in which to find news, information, and articles about local aviation events.

Kenmore Air Seaplanes
Climb aboard one of our seaplanes to go somewhere special… for a few hours, a day or overnight. Flying off the water is one of the Pacific Northwest's most popular must-do experiences. It's fun, efficient and unbelievably scenic.

Landings is your gateway to the world of on-line Aviation. An online General Aviation Server.

Michigan Aircraft Sales
Low time, pristine aircraft for the discriminating buyer.

Mission Aviation Fellowship
For more than half a century, MAF has sought to overcome barriers that isolate people--men, women, and children--from spiritual and physical help. MAF missionary aircraft and electronic communications networks have vaulted these barriers, overcoming them for a higher cause. More than 300 Christian and humanitarian organizations worldwide depend on our services to stay on the frontlines of our faith. They, in turn, touch countless lives for Christ and His Kingdom… every day.

National Aeronautic Association
Celebrating the past, inventing the future. NAA is one of the nation's premier aviation associations. Tracing its roots to 1905, NAA is the custodian of major awards in aviation and responsible for the oversight of all records attempted within the United States. The primary mission of NAA is the advancement of the art, sport, and science of aviation and space flight by fostering opportunities to participate fully in aviation activities and by promoting public understanding of the importance of aviation and space flight to the United States.

Come visit OpenAirNet. All gassed up and no place to go? We have a continually growing list of great places to visit and maybe get that ever popular $50 hamburger. These great places to fly where provided by pilots like you who love aviation.

Orlando Sanford Aircraft Sales, Inc.
New and used aircraft, including homebuilts.

Patty Wagstaff's Aerobatic Source.Com
From Patty's airshow schedule to aerobatic news to where to learn to fly.

Sport Flyer's Internet Resources
General Aviation information of all types.

Student Pilot
An online flight school for the pilot in training.

Where to Fly
General aviation fun. Fun airplanes for rent, fun airports to visit and things to do.

Ultimate Aviation Link Site
Netherlands based, German language website of aviation links.

Ultraleggeri Network
Italian language aviation website. English version coming.

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