A.K.A. Nushki

I used to be a dog person. I had no use for cats. I thought they were cold, aloof, and too independent.

Things are different now. For one thing, it's my house and furniture a dog would be destroying, rather than my parent's. And I hate being woken up by the sound of a yapping dog. I still like dogs. But now I feel that dogs need room, and therefore belong in the country. I think keeping a dog penned up in a back yard or house in the city is cruel.

More importantly, My family was given a cat by Becky Brigham. Originally, I found him interesting because of his size. He weighed twenty pounds, 'though he wasn't fat. And his head was as big as my hand. He was normally proportioned for a house cat, just on twice the scale. It turned out he was much smarter than any dog I've ever seen. He did tricks, fetched, attacked, and was a ton of fun. Plus cats are clean, don't have to be walked, (although they do beg to play,) and are a heck of a lot quieter. And you can train a cat not to meow when you're sleeping. I have yet to see that done with a dog. (Past neighbors that have claimed that they had done this with their dog lied.)

I haven't ever gone and got myself a cat. They were all given to me by women. The cat I have right now, Anushka, was given to me by Brooke Patowski. She meets me at the door when I come home, fetches, and obeys commands. (Nushki, not Brooke.) It never ceases to amaze people when I tell her to go back in the house and she does.

"Put down the stupid camera and pull the parachute cord around!"

Nushki's favorite game is to chase a length of parachute cord I pull around. It figures her favorite game would be the only one she can't do on her own. She's also the only cat on the planet that doesn't like catnip. She can't stand the stuff. My friends call her the "Just Say No Cat."

Anushka was hamming it up so much I was laughing when I took this.

Unfortunately, these are the only pictures of Anushka I have. I tend to leave my camera on the shelf.

I'd like to get an Ocelot, but I'm afraid it would eat Nushki.

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