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Purchase Agreement

Example statements for a Purchase Agreement of a Homebuilt Aircraft.

Note: It is unlikely that this agreement will protect you from liability suits issued by the heirs.

"The buyer acknowledges that this is a homebuilt aircraft and in signing this agreement releases the seller and his/her assigns and successors from any liability and responsibility arising from the use or ownership of this aircraft by the buyer. The buyer further agrees that this agreement is binding on future owners by agreeing to include it as a condition of sale by him/her."

"Further the buyer acknowledges that this aircraft is of a non-certified design, and that its ground handling and flight characteristics are unique. The buyer, in acknowledgement of this condition releases the seller from any liability or responsibility for instructing the buyer in its operation. The buyer recognizes the seller's recommendation that he/she receive professional flight instruction by a person or persons familiar with this particular aircraft design. The seller disclaims any responsibility for damages arising from the seller (or his/her assigns) operation of this aircraft subsequent to the signing of this purchase agreement."

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