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Top Ten List

The top ten pieces of advice for prospective homebuilders

10.) Attend a homebuilder workshop, such as those run by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty or Alexander Aeroplane.

9.) Double any kit or plans vendor's build time estimate

8.) Beg/borrow/buy/steal a flight in the same type as the project you are considering prior to selection and talk to as many builders of the type as you can.

7.) Join the EAA and the local EAA chapter.

6.) Carefully evaluate what material you like to work with, (wood, tube, fabric, composite.)

5.) No matter how large a project you think this is, it is much much larger.

4.) Measure carefully to make sure the project can be removed from your workshop when complete and that the workshop is large enough to build it.

3.) Get your pilot's license prior to starting the project, (or at least take a few flights to make sure you love it.)

2.) Make sure your project selection is based on objective criteria, (mission profile, stability of company, number of aircraft flying, safety record, etc.) not emotion.

And the number one piece of advice for a prospective homebuilder is…

1.) Get your spouse involved or retain a good divorce attorney.

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