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IDEA - HCFS Computer Instrumentation

IDEA - HCFS Suppliers

Rocky Mountain Instrument
P.O. Box 683
Thermopolis, WY 82443
(307) 864-9300
Suppliers of the 202 MicroEncoder.
Gives Altitude, Airspeed, OAT, and other information over RS-232

715 Stadium Drive
Arlington, Texas 76011
(817) 274-7553
Suppliers of Imbedded PC Systems.
STD and PC-104 Bus Systems, Data Aquistion Cards, etc.

Deskview DOS Software

Ampro Computers Inc.
(408) 522-2100
Embedded PC components, PC-104

Basicon Inc.
(503) 626-1012
Minature single board microcontrollers

Octagon Systems Corp
(303) 430-1500
Tiny industrial PC's and STD cards

Contec Micro Inc.
Interface boards for PC's

Acces I/O Products Inc.
Data-Aquisition boards for PC's

Computer Dynamics
(803) 877-8700
STD boards and single board computers

Ziatech Corp
(805) 541-0488
STD bus boards

Pro-Log Corp
STD bus boards

Vesta Technology Inc.
(303) 422-8088
Tiny single board computers

Micro Linear Controls Inc.
(414) 639-1105
Small PC computers

Acqutek Corp
(801) 485-4594
Web Page: http://www.acqu.com/
Small industrial computers

Midwest Microtek Inc.
(605) 697-8521
Small single board computers

Saelig Company
(716) 425-3753
Small control computers

Trailing Edge Technology
(206) 488-7585

Industrial Electronic Engineers Inc.
(818) 787-0311
"PIXIE" graphic switch

Densitron Corp
(213) 530-3530
Display modules and interface boards

Emerald Computers Inc.
(503) 620-6094
Flat panel monitor subsystems

Digital Electronics Corp
(415) 471-4700
Flat panel monitors and touch screens

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