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Western Aircraft Propeller

We repair and sell Propellers for certified and homebuilt aircraft.

Here's a list of some propellers we had for sale as of 23 Jul 01. (These may no longer be available. Call or Email for current availability and prices.)
O-320 Propeller HC-C2YL-1 overhauled ready to go $3250.00
O-320 Propeller Apache Style Complete Overhauled $1800.00
O-320 Propeller Sensenich w/4" Extension & Spinner $1400.00
O-360 Propeller HC-C2YK-1BF/F7666A-2 Overhaul $3250.00
These listings are for example purposes only. Call or email for current availability and prices.

Please call or email for information.

Western Aircraft Propeller

FAA Repair Station FQ6R544N
Phone: 503-667-8865

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