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Hurricane Force is poised to release an all-new series of automotive engine conversions for experimental aircraft applications. These are big power big block Chevrolets which are ideally suited for 3/4 or larger scale war bird kits or other experimental aircraft requiring sustained, high horsepower delivery. Our engines are based upon almost thirty years of building and racing big block Chevrolets. They are 541 cubic inch, dual spark plug, mechanically fuel injected, dry-sump lubricated power plants which produce 600 BHP @ 4,850 RPM. Absolutely no shortcuts are taken during the engineering, development and construction of the engines. We don't use any questionable crate motor parts. All hardware found in the Hurricane 541 is the very best available. Period. Each component has been designed and selected for ultimate durability. The engines are not inexpensive, but we can assure you that you get what you pay for. The following is a quick look at some of the specifications:

Displacement541 c.i.d. Induction TypeMechanical Port Fuel Injection
Cylinder Bore4.500-inch Maximum Horsepower600 BHP
Cylinder Block MaterialCast Iron Maximum HP RPM4850
Crankshaft Stroke4.250-inch Maximum Torque675 ft/lbs
Crankshaft Material4340 Steel Maximum Torque RPM3900
Connecting Rod Length6.136-inch Maximum HP/CID1.109
Connecting Rod Material4340 Steel Maximum Torque/CID1.247
Oiling System Type5-Stage Dry Sump Bore/Stroke Ratio1.06:1
Compression Ratio9.0:1 Rod/Stroke Ratio (l/r)1.44:1
Piston Material2618 Alloy Intake Valve Lift/Diameter Ratio0.259:1
Cylinder Head Material356A T-6 Aluminum Piston Speed (FPM, average)
Spark Plug ConfigurationDual Peak TQ2692
Intake Valve Diameter2.250-inch Peak HP3754
Exhaust Valve Diameter1.880-inch Mechanical Engine Redline6100 RPM
Camshaft Lift0.583-inch Rev Limited Engine Redline5000 RPM
Duration @ 0.050" Tappet Lift234°

Why should someone buy one of our engines? No one is compelling you to buy an engine from us. In fact, we won't even twist your arm! We simply feel we have the world's best engine available, no matter what the cost. Period. It would be easy to compromise quality for cost (other companies do), but a long time ago, we realized if we established a reputation for quality it would not come back to bite us. Our business is not based upon high volume and mass merchandising. Instead, it is based upon the customer need for an ultimately reliable, properly machined, properly assembled engine constructed with the very best hardware and technology available today. If that is what you are searching for, we can provide it.

For more information (and an eight page prospectus as well as an additional eight page list of FAQ's), please feel free to contact me personally.

Wayne Scraba                

Hurricane Force
5184 Del Monte Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8Y 1X2
Phone: 250-658-4222 (8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time)
Fax: 250-658-0121

Email: Wayne Scraba wcscraba@coastnet.com

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