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The "Missing link" is a vacuum pump drive system for VW airplane engines.

The unit mounts where the Magneto mounts on a HAPI or Diehl Accessory case. With this system one would use the single or dual electronic ignition, mounted where the distributor was on the engine.

The electronic ignition is better than the magneto. The eletronic ignition will fire a 35,000 spark gap and 65,000 volt spark. You will get a better fuel burn over the magneto 16-19,000 plug gap, and not nearly as hot of spark.

We have 75 hours on this system on the test stand. Soon this system will be available from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. online and in the 1998 catalog. The system can be ordered from MPA or from Aircraft Spruce.

The "Missing link" $295.00
Shipping to all USA addresses 15%
Off-shore addresses shipped S&H collect

MPA Company
PO Box 622
Toccoa, GA 30577

(706) 779-3446
(706) 779-2302 Fax

E-Mail: rwmoore@alltel.net

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