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Wayne Scraba

My company have a new series of automotive aircraft engine conversions for homebuilt aircraft. These are big power big block Chevrolets which are ideally suited for 3/4 or larger scale warbird kits.

Our engines are based upon almost thirty years of building and racing big block Chevys. They are 541 cubic inch, dual spark plug, mechanically fuel injected, dry-sump lubricated power plants which produce very close to 600 BHP @ 4,850 RPM. All hardware is high end HD, (no recycled crate motor parts are used,) and designed with maximum durability in mind.

E-mail or call for a ten page list of specs.

Wayne Scraba
(250) 658-4222 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM West Coast

E-Mail: wcscraba@coastnet.com

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