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Subaru EA-81

Since 1992, Stratus, Inc. has converted Subaru EA-81 engines for use in Avid Flyers and similar light, home-built aircraft. However, the company recently installed a 100-hp engine in a Cessna 150F and is thrilled with the results. "We expected a Cessna with a Stratus engine to vibrate less, but the Cessna's performance far exceeded our expectations," says Reiner Hoffman, President of Stratus Inc.

After the stratus engine was installed and the Cessna's weight and balance were calculated, a local FAA inspector gave the aircraft his stamp of approval. For 10 flight hours, the Cessna was restricted to a radius of 50 miles from the Arlington airport in Washington state. Now that those 10 hours have passed, the Cessna can be flown anywhere in the U.S.

The Arlington airport is home to the Glasair, whose founder, Tom Hamilton, flew the modified Cessna and like many others, was impressed by the smoothness and quietness of the engine's operation.

Reiner Hoffmann

Stratus Incorporated
7750 Twelfth Avenue N.W.
Seattle, Washington 98117

(206) 783 3845
(206) 784-8511 Fax

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