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Introductory flights with with some hands on basic flight instruction. Only $30 and you get a free 30 day membership in the United States Ultralight Association.

"Ultralight Pilot Package" gets you all the materials and tests to become a USUA rated pilot. A USUA rated pilot is able to insure and rent ultralight aircraft. Most of all they can enjoy a fun sport safely!!!

Aircraft used is a RANS S-12, two place ultralight trainer, fully equipped for safe flight instruction. Flight instructor has earned pilot and basic flight instructor ratings from the United States Ultralight Association. 30 day membership in USUA as a student pilot on all packages. Flights are by appointment only and subject to weather conditions. Aircraft located at Rancho Murieta Airport, 15 miles southeast of Sacramento. Gift certificates available. Student weight limit 230 lbs.

Bill Wilson
Flight Instructor
Voice Mail (916) 466-9159
Home (916) 369-7551

Email: poytress@psyber.com

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