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Companies No Longer Offering Homebuilts

This section lists Homebuilt and Homebuilt related Aircraft companies that no longer offer Homebuilts or are no longer in business.

Aceair SA New 18 Nov 07
Aceair SA developed the Aeriks 200 in Manno-Lugano, Switzerland. But only the prototype Aeriks 200 was produced. They closed in 2004, presumably because the engine it was designed for, a rotary by Diamond Engines, went out of production.

Aerostyle GmbH New 18 Nov 07
Aerostyle GmbH was bought out in October 2006 by Breezer Aircraft GmbH & Co. KG. They are offering both variants of the Breezer 2000 as the Breezer and Breezer C.

Alfa Service Team New 25 Nov 07
The websites of Alfa Service Team, and their Austrian Distributor, HB Flugtechnik, are no longer in service and no mention of what happened to the companies can be found.

American Ghiles Aircraft Inc. New 25 Nov 07
The website of American Ghiles Aircraft is no longer in service, and there is no information as to the status of the company. Michael Colomban's MCR-01 design is still available from distributors in Europe, Africa and South America, although it looks like they've dropped the Ban-Bi moniker. The parent company website is http://www.dynaero.com/.

AmeriPlanes New 25 Nov 07
The website of AmeriPlanes is no longer in service, and there is no information as to the status of the company. As it was functioning in October, 2007 this may just be due to a change in web host.

Michel Colomban
Michel Colomban designed the Cri Cri, the best known French homebuilt. He no longer offers plans at this time.

DreamWings, LLC
DreamWings, LLC went out of business. The EAA Information Department has stated that if and when someone picks up these designs they will post the news via their e-Hotline email newsletter and in the EAA Hotline section of Sport Aviation magazine.

Merlin Aircraft, Inc.
The Merlin GT and Merlin E-Z Flyer are well-known for their rugged strength and unique off-airport/seaplane capabilities. The company closed due to financial difficulty. The designs are now being produced by Blue Yonder Aviation, Inc., and one is also available from AeroComp, Inc.

Partenair Design Inc.
Partenair Design Inc. went out of business, mainly due to an anti-business provincial government coming to power in Quebec, Canada.

Quickie Aircraft Corp.
Quickie Aircraft Corporation has been out of business for many years. (Yet another victim of Lawyers run amok.) The only source for plans and kits is the used market. Quickie Aircraft Builders can find support on the Quickie Builders Association Homepage.

Reflex Fiberglass Works, Inc.
Jackson Fields Mathews LLC, (JFM,) has aquired the rights, tooling, molds, etc. for the White Lightning and Lightning Bug. JFM intends to relaunch the White Lightning, but has no plans for the Lightning Bug design and equipment.

JFM would like to see someone bring back the Lightning Bug and is accepting offers. JFM has all the residual tooling, parts, molds and patterns used to produce the Lightning Bug kits. In addition there is one nearly complete kit and another with most of the parts. JFM has not taken inventory so the actual part count is not available. They can be contacted at Will.Mathews@nav-international.com

Rutan Aircraft Factory
Rutan Aircraft Factory, one of the companies founded and run by Burt Rutan, was one of the founders of the modern homebuilt movement.

Scaled Composites
Scaled Composites, one of Burt Rutan's companies, is is an aerospace and specialty composites development company.

Tri-R Technologies
Tri-R Technologies has sold the two KIS designs to Pulsar Aircraft Corporation. Pulsar Aircraft Corp. previously rescued the Pulsar design from the original company's bankruptcy. They then improved the design and offered an new, larger version called the Super Pulsar 100. They also keep the original legacy Pulsar design alive under the name of Pulsar XP. The KIS designs are a natural step for Pulsar as they use the same materials and factory part process as the two Pulsars. And they were looking to expand their line with a four seater. Pulsar Aircraft Corp. provides support for homebuilders who purchased their kits from the previous companies.

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