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Construction & Flight Characteristics

The AeroMaster is a low-wing mono configuration, tractor-mounted engine, amateur-built aircraft with an all steel 4130 chromoly fuselage frame. The welded fuselage is designed to accommodate all other components by a series of tabs to which the components are bolted.

The wing's ladder construction with strong internal diagonal bracing has supported over +6 and -4 G in static load testing. Aluminum ribs placed in upper pockets in the dacron covering shape the airfoil.

Standard three-axis control: conventional rudder pedals, throttle quadrant and joy-stick controlled ailerons and elevator provide positive control through all speed ranges.

The AeroMaster is the light ag aircraft with features that the experienced pilot deserves. In addition to being easy to fly, the AeroMaster provides a clean design. This combination translates into the ag aircraft for the individual who demands quality, expects performance and appreciates value.

The combination of the SprayMiser CDA Ag system with the low purchase price and operating expense of the AeroMaster aircraft has the potential of offering tremendous cost-savings to the world's agricultural industries. The AeroMaster is designed to promote economically and ecologically sound spray methods that are the future of agricultural aviation.

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