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AeroMaster AG
SprayMiser System

AeroMaster's precision spray pattern
The emergency dump system enhances pilot safety

SprayMizer Ag System
Boom System
Tank Capacity
Pump System
Flow Control
Spray Rate Range

Swath Width Range
Av. Coverage/Load
Av. Area Covered/Min.
12 SprayMiser wind-driven atomizers
AL wet w/check valves
30 gal. (114 L.) w/emergency dump
12 vdc 8 gal/min (30 L.) w/remote on/off
Manifold and orfice plates
Manifold by-pass tank return system
10 oz/acre (118 ml/ha.)
2 gal/acre (3 L./ha.)
30 - 100 ft. (9.2 - 30.5 m)
120 acres @ 32 oz. (49 ha. @ 2.4 L.)
7.8 acres (3.2 ha.)

Controlled-Droplet Application (CDA) is an advanced technology; it's efficiency has been proven by tens of thousands of pesticide applications all over the world. The SprayMiser makes use of this concept as the most modern and practical agricultural system available today. The SprayMiser nozzle was proven in Texas A&M University testing to improve the recovery factor 99% over conventional spray nozzles.

Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) systems have successfully been shown to use as little as 1/10, or less of the liquid volume used in conventional crop spraying. The SprayMiser is unique in that it is designed to produce droplet sizes in a range of 70-300 microns with 95% consistency. This is possible only through use of the high-speed rotating groved and toothed atomizing cone, air driven by multiblade propellers, producing a controlled droplet spectrum of narrow range.

Droplets from a conventional nozzle range from very small to very large.
SprayMiser nozzles break the droplets into more uniform sizes.

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