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Step back in time when flying was low, slow and easy. The Bearcat combines the classic design of yesterday with the technology of today.

The Bearcat has full 3 axis control. The floor mounted joy stick gives positive aileron and elevator response while the rudder pedals control the rudder. Instead of the cumbersome wires found in many ultralights, more modern, efficient lift struts are used increasing the structural integrity of this already classic aircraft. From the 4130 chromolly welded fuselage to the fully cowled engine, the Bearcat incorporates much of today's technology. The dual surface wings and fuselage are covered with the highest quality stabilized dacron sail cloth.

Once the pilot enters the roomy cockpit, he is in complete control of the aircraft. Priming and starting the engine are within easy reach of the pilot's seats. Standard with each Bearcat are the instruments necessary for safe flight.

Enter the world of the excitement and fantasy… Fly the Bearcat.


Recommended TBO
Wing Span
Wing Area
Wing Loading
Empty Weight
Useful Load
Maximum Takeoff Weight
Fuel Capacity
Load Factor
Rotax Model 447 Gear Drive, 42 hp @ 6250 rpm,
in-line two cylinder, two cycle
500 hrs
68 x 28
17 ft, 6 in
6 ft, 5 in
30 ft
150 sq ft
4.66 lbs/sq ft
275 lbs
425 lbs
700 lbs
5 U.S. gal
+6, -4

Takeoff distance, ground roll
Takeoff distance, 50 ft obst.
Rate of climb
Max level speed
Landing distance, ground roll
Landing distance, 50 ft obst.
150 ft
400 ft
750-1200 ft/min
70 mph
150 ft
450 ft

Limiting And Recommended Speeds
Best rate of climb (Vy)
Design maneuvering speed (Va)
Never exceed speed (Vne)
Stall, power off (Vsl)
Landing approach speed
45 mph
55 mph
110 mph
27 mph
45 mph

All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations. All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere, @ sea level and 195 lb pilot weight, unless otherwise noted. Specifications are subject to change.

Optional Equipment

Pilot Protection


The Bearcat is basically a high wing mono configuration, tractor mounted engine, amateur-built aircraft with an all steel 4130 chromolly fuselage frame. The welded fuselage is designed to accommodate all other components by a series of tabs to which the components are bolted.
The wing is a simple ladder construction with strong internal diagonal bracing. This configuration has supported over +6 and -4 G in static load testing. Aluminum ribs placed in upper and lower pockets in the dacron covering shape the airfoil.

Flight Characteristics
The Bearcat does not have a sharp breaking stall; it would rather mush than stall. Upon releasing the back pressure on the stick, the Bearcat's nose falls through slightly and it starts flying immediately.
Standard three axis control: conventional rudder pedals, throttle quadrant and joy stick controlled ailerons and elevator provide positive control through all speed ranges.
The Bearcat is a light aircraft with features that the experienced pilot deserves. Besides being easy to fly, the Bearcat provides a clean design. This combination translates into the aircraft for the individual who demands quality, expects performance and appreciates value.

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