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EU-Wish is the owner of the Smythe Sidewinder Design.

The Sidewinder was the 1969 Outstanding Design at the 17th Sport Aviation Convention at Rockford, Illinois. It was designed by Jerry Smyth, flown and performed all the basic aerobatic maneuvers. It is stressed to 9 g's "ultimate". It is rather unique in an all metal airplane. The Sidewinder has a steel tube fuselage with aluminum skin and all aluminum wings. It is a side-by-side two seater that was designed to use engines from 90 - 180 Hp. that weigh up to 310 lbs. The Sidewinder uses a sliding canopy, tapered steel rod landing gear, stabilators and fiberglass cowling.

Smythe Sidewinder

Smythe Sidewinder
Wing Span 24' 10"
Wing Area 96 sq. ft.
Fuel Capacity 17.5 gal.
Baggage Weight 60 lbs.
Gross Weight 1450 lbs.
Empty Weight 867 lbs.
Useful Load 583 lbs.
(125 Hp. Engine)
Max. Speed 175 mph
Cruise Speed 160 mph
Stall Speed - No Flap 55 mph
Rate Of Climb 900-1500 fpm

Aircraft Plans

The plans package contains 112 pages with many full size parts shown and all the necessary information to build the Sidewinder. Original copyright protected plans with official serial numbers are currently available from EU-WISH Aircraft.

Smythe Sidewinder Plans

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