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In the Kits And Plans section we offer basic descriptions of each aircraft design listed using concise and basic terms. This is to help you narrow your selection so you don't have to go to a hundred different websites to find the design you're looking for. Here are the catagories and terms used. Some are defined here.
These terms are defined in more detail on the Detailed Definitions of Descriptions Page.

Kit Only available as a kit.
Plans Only available as a set of plans.
Kit or plans May be built from a kit or plans.
Plans or partial kit Plans only, with an optional partial kit.
Partial kit Only available as a partial kit.

Single seat
Two seat Two seats, side by side.
Tandem seat Two seats, one in front of the other.
Three seat
Four seat, etc.

Low wing
Mid wing
High wing
Parasol wing Above the fuselage, connected via rods.
Canard Horizontal stabilizer located in the front of the aircraft.
Rotor Helicopters and gyrocraft.
Removable wing Designed to be removed for more compact storage or transport.
Folding wing Designed to fold back for more compact storage or transport.
Parachute Parachute instead of a wing
Flying wing Fuselage integrated with the wing and no tail section.
Inverted gull wing Bent wing such as the Corsair.

Composite Fabric combined with resin forming a light and strong structure.
Metal Primarily sheet metal welded or bolted together.
Tube Metal tubes used for the structure.
Fabric Covering forming the aircraft skin.

Landing Gear
Trigear Arranged like a tricycle.
Tailwheel Also refered to as a taildragger.
Trigear or tailwheel Optionally either configuration.
Retractable Retracts in flight.
Retractable nosegear Nose gear only retracts.
Amphibian Lands on runways or water.
Floats Floats in place of landing gear.
Flying Boat Only able to land on water.
Skids Tubular metal used for helicopter gear.
Foot launched Like hang gliders.
Single wheel A single wheel, sometimes augmented by skids.
Tandem wheel Two wheels arranged one in front of the other.

Twin engine
Pusher Propeller in the rear of the aircraft.
Turboprop Turbine engine driving a propeller.
Turbojet A jet engine based design.
Sailplane No engine, usually towed by another aircraft to launch. Also called a glider.
Motorglider A sailplane that has a small motor.
Helicopter A powered rotor provides both lift and propulsion.
Gyroplane An unpowered rotor provids lift with a prop providing forward propulsion.
Ultralight Meets FAA criteria to be classified as an Ultralight.
Open cockpit
Pressurized Allowing a pressure differential.
Replica Based on a past, usually classic design.
Aerobatic Capable of flight maneuvers such as loops, inverted flight, etc.
Folding wing option Can optionally be built so the wings can fold.
Jump seat option Can optionally have a jump seat installed.

These terms are defined in more detail on the Detailed Definitions of Descriptions Page.

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