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These pages are for Individuals to suggest companies that should be listed in the Kits & Plans section, and for companies to request a link to their website. These can also be used to update a listing.
The Homebuilt Homepage also creates webpages on our site for companies that don't have their own.

The Kits & Plans section is for currently shipping designs.
Designs under development are welcome in the Homebuilt Aircraft - Under Development section.

If The Company Has It's Own Website

To submit your Kits & Plans Addition send an email to the address below.

As a minimum include -
Site URL:

The following information is not required, but would be a great help -
Company Name:
Aircraft Name(s):
  Seats: *
  Wing: **
  Materials: ***
  Landing Gear: ****
  Other: *****

*Number and Configuration, (ie: Tandem.)
**Removable, Folding, Low, Mid, High, Parasol, Biplane, Triplane, Canard, Rotor, Parachute, Flying wing
***Composite, Metal, Wood, Tube, Fabric
****Retractable, Nosegear retract, Trigear, Tailwheel, Tandem wheel, Single wheel, Amphibian, Skids, Foot launched
*****Sailplane, Motorglider, Ultralight, Open cockpit, Replica, Pusher, Twin engine, Turboprop, Turbojet, Helicopter, Gyroplane, Pressurized


If The Company Doesn't Have It's Own Web Site:

The Homebuilt Homepage is happy to carry a page about any company free of charge, as long as it is in some way related to Homebuilt Aircraft. This, of course, won't be a fancy, CGI enhanced multi-media ad campaign. The Homebuilt Homepage only carries pictures and text. (A short digital video would be acceptable in QuickTime format. And animated GIF files are fine as well.) But it will get you on the net and make you easier for Homebuilders to find.

Via Email

Send the following:

Send to the email address below. Once the page has been posted a note will be emailed back to let you know.


Via Surface Mail (AKA Snail-Mail)

Send the following:

Generally a company brochure or pamphlet has all of this information and pictures. Anything like that would be acceptable.

Send to the following address:

Homebuilt Homepage
c/o Michael Kraus
1450 Valley Glen Drive.
Dixon, CA 95620

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