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Junior VI

The C.P. 1320 Saphire is a side by side two seat, low wing aircraft designed by Giuseppe Vidor. Construction materials are wood & fabric. The landing gear is a fixed trigear configuration.

Junior VI
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Wing Span 28.6 ft.
Wing Area 123.7 sq. ft.
Length 20 ft.
Cabin Width 40 in.
Empty Weight 530 lbs.
Gross Weight 950 lbs.
Engine 50 to 65 HP
Ceiling 10,000 ft
(VW Engine 62 HP)
Max Speed 125 mph.
Cruise Speed 100 mph.
Stall Speed 38.5 mph.
V.N.E. 135 mph.
Rate Of Climb 600 ft./min.
Take-Off Distance 350 ft.
Landing Distance 400 ft.
Range 375 miles
Junior VI
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Complete set of plans $350 (US$)
Shipping (Insured and/
    or registered airmail)
$20 (US$) Canada
$30 (US$) USA
$50 (US$) Other Countries

Info-Pack $7 (US$)
Shipping & Handling $3 (US$) North America
$5 (US$) Overseas

Colour Catalogue Of All
  Ten Littner Aircraft
$25 (US$) Shipping & Handling Included

S. Littner
432 Hamel
St-Eustache, Québec
J7P 4M3


Email: slittner@videotron.ca

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