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Whisky IV

Whisky IV
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The Whisky IV is a tandem two seat, low wing aircraft designed by Giuseppe Vidor. Construction materials are wood & fabric. The landing gear is a fixed tailwheel configuration.

Whisky IV
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Wing Span 26.25 ft.
Wing Area 120.5 sq. ft.
Length 21 ft.
Height 7 ft.
Cockpit Width 28.3 in.
Aspect Ratio 5.7
Dihedral Angle
Wash Out 1.50°
Empty Weight 622 lbs.
Gross Weight 1058 lbs.
Wing Loading 8.78 lbs./sq. ft.
Power Loading 13.22 lbs./HP
C.G. Travel 18.3 to 31% MAC
Fuel Capacity 13.2 gal. /
79 lbs.
Max Speed 183 mph.
V.N.E. 175 mph.
Max Horizontal Speed 160 mph.
Cruise 75% Power 130 mph.
Max Maneuvering Speed 115 mph.
Max Flap Speed 84 mph.
Stall Speed Flaps Down 37 mph.
Stall Speed Flaps Up 43 mph.
Take-Off Distance
330 ft.
Landing Distance
490 ft.
Fuel Burn 75% Power 3.17 gal./hr.
Max Range 75% Power 535 mi.
Rate Of Climb 785 ft./min.
Max Ceiling 10,000 ft.
Whisky IV
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Complete set of plans $400 (US$)
Shipping (Insured and/
    or registered airmail)
$20 (US$) Canada
$30 (US$) USA
$50 (US$) Other Countries

Info-Pack $7 (US$)
Shipping & Handling $3 (US$) North America
$5 (US$) Overseas

Colour Catalogue Of All
  Ten Littner Aircraft
$25 (US$) Shipping & Handling Included

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