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This section is for things that don't have a place elsewhere.

Aviation Auction
Aviation Auction by Aviation Listings - Buy or sell all of your aviation product(s) 24/7 at our online auction, where our listings just keep getting larger.

Canard Aircraft Grounding & Elevator Inspection
This link is to the PDF file with the details of this vital inspection. In light of a recent fatal accident Rutan Aircraft Factory has called for a Mandatory Ground urging all builders and canard pilots to inspect their elevators for correct shape, size and balance. While the NTSB investigation is not complete, it appears that the elevator was incorrectly shaped and counterweighted resulting in separation. The elevator is the most important part of any aircraft and should be built to exact specifications.

Caboolture Air Spectacular 2005
Caboolture Air Spectacular 2005, incorporating the Antique Aeroplane Assocn. National Fly in bringing with them 200 aircraft, making this next Air Show the largest Caboolture has staged with 300-400 aircraft over the two days. It promises to be 'more than just an Air Show'. Camping available.

EAA Air Venture
The EAA's premiere fly-in and airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This is the largest airshow in the world by any yardstick, (number of visitors, number of aircraft, or number of different types of aircraft.)

The First Across Organization
Building a full-scale replica of the NC-4, the first aircraft to successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Homebuilt Aircraft
FAQ full of info on FAA policies and homebuilder's options.

Golden West EAA Regional Fly-In
An EAA regional fly-in and airshow at Sacramento Executive airport, Sacramento, California.

Homebuilder Memorial
Homebuilders that have left us.

Developed as a place for homebuilt aircraft enthusiasts to get together and ask questions, get answers, post pictures, share experiences, and meet like-minded folks. If you're a homebuilder, want to be one, or simply love airplanes and would like to know what homebuilding is all about, become a part of the HomebuiltAirplanes.Com community. And it's free.

Homebuilt Homepage Advice For Webmasters
The advice on this page is intended for both new Webmasters and old hands. There are a lot of websites that are bad ambassadors for the companies they represent. Here are the major pitfalls to avoid.

Homebuilt Top Ten List
The Top Ten Pieces of Advice for Prospective Homebuilders.

Humor In Homebuilding
Jokes and quips on Homebuilding. No guarantee is made as to their quality.

JPI vs Matronics
An article on JPI's frivolous lawsuit against Matronics every homebuilder should read.

OKBM Press Release On The M-14 Radial Engine
There is a great deal of controversy on the Russian OKBM designed M-14 series of radial engines. Specifically, the license to Romania does not allow them to export engines outside of Romania. That and quality control issues with the Romanian built engines has resulted in the need for this press release.

Northwest EAA Fly-In
The EAA's Northwest regional fly-in at Arlington, Washington.

Other Homebuilt Aircraft Directories
Other indexes and directories on Homebuilding and Homebuilt related subjects.

Pima Air & Space Museum
You'll find aircraft of all types and times here. Everything from Homebuilt aircraft to the SR-71 can be found. There's even one of the aircraft used as Air Force One under the JFK administration. A must see for anyone interested in any type of aircraft. Be sure to stop by when you're in Arizona.

Purchase Agreement
Example statements for a Purchase Agreement of a Homebuilt Aircraft.

Reno National Championship Air Races
The most famous air race in the world. Races include homebuilt Formula 1 racers, unlimited class aircraft, warbirds, and the best racing pilots you will ever see.

Sun 'n Fun
The largest regional EAA fly-in and airshow at Lakeland, Florida. Sun 'n Fun is second only to Air Venture at Oshkosh.

Starflight Endeavour
Spirit of Endeavour, a GlaStar kit being built by pilot Stephen Wood and a team of students at Cambridge Regional College. He plans to fly this aircraft four times around the globe.

Texas Air Museum, Stinson Chapter, San Antonio
Presents the history of flight from the early days of aviation to the present. Here you will see some of the world's rarest aircraft.

Wainfan Home Page
Barnaby & Lynne Wainfan's page details their many exploits, including the latest on their famous Facetmobile series of aircraft. In addition to the Facetmobile, Barnaby is well known for his many articles in Kitplanes magazine. And Lynne is no stranger to the Homebuilding scene herself.

Young Eagles
Non-profit foundation giving free first flights to kids around the world.

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