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This section lists vendors of parts, equipment and services for homebuilt aircraft and pilots.
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Homebuilt Aircraft Parts & Equipment

Online and mail-order catalogs of aircraft parts and pilot supplies.
Radios, headsets, intercoms, navigation instruments, compasses, mechanical indicators, etc.
Powerplants and PRSUs
Engines, engine instruments and engine accessories.
Aircraft propellers, helicopter blades and accessories.
Parachutes And Emergency Equipment
Parachutes, ballistic recovery systems, rafts, and other emergency gear.
Sub-assemblies, parts, covering and building materials, and components, (agricultural sprayers, floats, etc.)
Tools and fasteners.

Homebuilt Aircraft Services

Aircraft Design
Aircraft design and related services.
Homebuilt Construction Assistance
Construction assistance in building all or part of a homebuilt or ultralight.
Part Fabrication
Project customizing, custom parts for plans-based projects, and services for aircraft design vendors.
Painting & Interiors
Professional painting, upholstery and finishing services.
Homebuilt Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft maintenance and repair services for homebuilt aircraft.
Builders' Workshops
Teaching methods, tips, and techniques for building with various materials.
Flight Training & Instruction
Training and instruction.
Aviation Schools
High Schools and Colleges that offer aviation programs and degrees.
Aircraft Sales
New & Used Homebuilt, Ultralight and General Aviation for sale listings.
Homebuilt Insurance, Financing & Appraisal
Aviation Insurance and Financing for Homebuilt Aircraft, and Appraisal for used Homebuilts.

Homebuilt Information

Homebuilt and aviation related books, book dealers, and publishers.
Homebuilt and aviation related online and paper magazines.
Homebuilt and aviation related videos and video dealers.
Design & builder software, flight software and simulator software for desktop, laptop and PDA.
Navigation & Weather Information Services
Online navigation and weather information.


Vendors that don't go anywhere else. (Photographers, artists, information, hangars, etc.)
Pilot Supplies
Clothing, accessories, silk screening, embroidery, charts, etc.

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