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Pelican PL

Ultravia Pelican

Pelican PL Specifications & Performance
Height8.1 ft
Length19.8 ft
Wing Span29.5 ft
Wing Area108 sq. ft
Aspect Ratio8
Cabin Width(at hips)40 in
Cabin Width(at elbows)46 in
Headroom41 in
Number of Seats2
Landing Gear typeTrigear or Taildragger
G Loading+4, -2
Min G Safety Factor1.5
Engine UsedRotax 912Rotax 914
Engine HP80115
Empty Weight750 lbs800 lbs
Gross Weight1400 lbs1400 lbs
Baggage Capacity75 lbs75 lbs
Fuel Capacity26 gal26 gal
Top Speed142 mph142 mph
75% Cruise115 mph140 mph
65% Cruise110 mph130 mph
(at 6500 ft)(at 12500 ft)
Range920 S.M.920 S.M.
Stall37 mph38 mph
Rate of Climb1000 fpm1800 fpm
Take Off Distance650 ft400 ft
Landing Distance550 ft500 ft
Service Ceiling16,000 ft20,000 ft
Number of Completed & Flown2510
Building MaterialsComposite, Sheet Metal and Fabric
Building Time500 Man Hours
Information Package$10
Kit Cost$16,000 US

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