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This section lists Homebuilt and Homebuilt related Aircraft websites by builders and fans of the aircraft. These are a great way to see what goes into building a Homebuilt Aircraft.
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Acro Sport Two
Formerly Frank Johnson's Home Page, this is a page on AcroSport, Inc.'s AcroSport II. Includes pictures, the first flight, specifications, construction details, and plan info.

Airbike Project By MG & BB
A great builder's log and some interesting animations make this a great site for anyone interested in the Airbike by Ison Aircraft.

Luigi Aldini's Falco
A great site with excellent construction photos.

Alv's New Toy
Alvin Melton's Challenger II Advanced Ultralight page. Filled with pictures of his Challenger II and the places it has taken him.

Antique Aircraft At Schofields Airshow
Terry Dwyer's page showing pictures of aircraft from the 70's scrolling by. Requires a browser that supports full JavaScript.

Baby Lakes Aircraft
Paul Michael Scanlon's pages on the Baby (Great) Lakes biplane including a lot of information from Bernie Holloway, the author of the original construction manual.

BD-4 Homepage
A well laid out site with the specs, history, information on the BD-4. Also has a section for part vendors.

The BD-5 Website
Juan Jiménez's web page on his BD-5 project with pictures, information and web links related to the BD-5.

Bede Aircraft Corporation
Unofficial web page of the Bede BD-12 and BD-14. Contains numerous HTML coding errors and may not be visible to Netscape or other HTML 4.0 compliant browser users.

Brad's Home Page
A website about building the Steen Skybolt.

Breezy Builders Website
The "Unofficial" Breezy Builders Website. On this site you'll find information about the lovable Breezy, told and shared by builders like you. To make this site enjoyable for all of us we need your photos and stories.

Bruce Bockius' Zodiac Pages
Progress reports and other info on Bruce's Zenith Zodiac CH 601 HD Project.

Larry's incredibly well organized and laid out website on building his RV-8.

Building A Velocity Kit-Built Aircraft
Hiroo Umeno's website about his Velocity SUV project. Great pictures, log, and thoughts about homebuilding.

Building A Velocity SUV
Donald Hamm's Velocity project. Lots of pictures organized by date and construction manual chapter.

Building N624WG
Alan Brown's page on building his Celebrity, a biplane design by Fisher Aero Corporation. He has some excellent and sage advice for homebuilder's of any aircraft.

Building The Velocity 173 Kitplane
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Kitbuilding. G.A. Venkatesh's excellent builder's log on his Velocity 173 project. A must see for anyone considering Homebuilding.

Byron's Hangar
A great site chronicling the building of a Christavia Mk I. Lots of pictures, a month by month summary of the building process, an excellent accounting of money spend to complete the project and more. A must for any wood, tube & fabric builder.

The Canard Aviator's Page
For enthusiasts of Canard-based aircraft.

Home Page Of Adrian Carter
Adrian Carter has built a Rand-Robinson KR-2 and created a great web site loaded with pictures of where he has flown it, as well as a great photo log of the construction process. He also includes some fixes to problems he encountered. A must see for anyone building a KR.

CH601-HD Project Page
A very attractively laid out site with a very detailed builder's log. A great site to visit to see how a log should look for your FAA inspection.

Tom Cochrane's Zodiac Page
A nite site about Tom Cochrane's Zenith Zodiac 601HDS.

Corben Aircraft
Scott Littfin's website on his Corben Junior Ace.

Corby Starlet CJ-1
A site dedicated to the Corby Starlet CJ-1 filled with pictures of every Starlet Dave King could find.

The Corsair82 Page
The Corsair82 is an 82% F4U-1A Corsair replica being developed by Tony Pileggi. With lots of pictures chronicling the production of the plugs, molds and parts, this site is a must see for any fan of the Corsair or Replica Aircraft.

Leo Costantino's Home Page
Excellent page full of information and pictures of Leo's Loehle Sport Parasol Ulrtalight airplane project.

Chris's Sonex Page
Chris Boultinghouse's website about his Sonex project. Great construction photos and an attractive site.

CriCri MC15 Website
Created to encourage the builders and future builders of the CRICRI, designed by Mr Michel Colomban. This site is available in several languages.

Jeremy Dann's Clipped Wing Cub
Jeremy Dann's WagAero Cub(y) Super sport kit project. Lots of Cub and construction pictures.

Dave's Toy Page
Dave Tennant's page on his RV-6 project and other toys.

The Dawn Patrol
Premiere organization building and flying WWI replica aircraft.

Del's Bearhawk Project
A great Bearhawk page by Del Rawlins.

Steve Devine's STOL CH-801 Page/Build Log
An excellent log showing hours spend on each section.

The Dream Of Flight
A great website about flying and becoming a pilot with links and information.

East Tennessee Lonesome Buzzards
Alan Jone's Virtual Fly-In for Team MiniMax aircraft, and others.

El Roto's Builder's Log
Confessions of a 10th Percentile Builder. Steve "El Roto" Genotte's Europa XS Builder's Log.

Europa #272 Builders Log
Every homebuilder should see this website. And Europa builders should be required to. This is practically a second builder's manual for Europa builders, and is the most detailed on-line log I've ever seen. It is more detailed and better documented than most of the hard copy builder's logs I've seen. If you make the builder's log for your project like this one you will blow your inspector away.

eXperimental envelope
Info on the BD-5 and RV designs.

Covering all aspects of the Express kit plane. Discussion forum and lots of information make this a must see for any Express builder.

F-1 Rocket Builder's Page
Bob Gross' website on his F-1 Rocket project. Excellent coverage of setting up a computer system in the aircraft.

Fritz's VP-1 Page (Mk II)
Fritz Wagoner's page on his Volksplane project. Lots of great pictures.

George's Falco
George Richard's excellent page on his Falco project. Lots of pictures via his digital camera. A must see for anyone who is going to do their own website. Commercial websites should be this well done.

A link between the Group of European Zodiac Users and Builders, (GEZUB for short,) and the Homebuilt Aircraft fraternity, although primarily for other Zodiac builders around the world.

Great Lakes Biplane Lover's Page
Mike Townsley's definitive page on all flavors of Great Lakes biplanes, certified and homebuilt.

Guy's BD-5 Web Site
Guy Lopes's site dedicated to the BD-5. Lots of information and pictures for the BD-5 builder or enthusiast.

The Hanger
Brian Ehrler's web page on his American Affordable Vision project.

Mike Hartmann's HomeBuilt Aviation Page
Dedicated to my favorite hobby: Airplanes and Flying and building Experimental Aircraft.

Homebuilt Gyroplane Design Page
Manfred Leuthard's excellent website about his Magni M-14 Scout Gyroplane, the first completed in North America. Lots of information, pictures and even a video.

Homemade Jet & Pulsejet Engines
Kenneth Møller's page on pulse, pressure and other jet engines. Pictures, sounds and information.

Home Of A FRED Homebuilt Plane Builder
Mike Townsley's page on his FRED parasol designed by Eric Clutton.

International Sky Pup Yard
Edwin Lelieveld excellent website on the Sky Pup. His own project is detailed as he builds it. And there are over twenty other Sky Pups in the picture gallery, many with multiple pictures and views. The best site for anyone interested in this design.

Jeff's Homepage And Skystar Outback Project
A very detailed builders log of the construction of a Kitfox V Outback. This is practically the entire log online and is well documented with pictures. An excellent site and a good way to get an idea on how to log your own project.

Jeff's Jungle
Jeff's website on his Zenith Zodiac project. An attractive site with very detailed pictures.

Jim's Half Scale Corsair
A great site for enthusiasts of the 1/2 sized WAR Aircraft F4U Corsair. Great pictures and descriptions on building the landing gear that would be useful for builders of any design.

John, Dave & Loretta's Slepcev Storch Project
A chronical of a scratch built Slepcev Storch project with lots of pictures.

John's Parasol Wing Page
A cyber gathering place for owners, builders and enthusiasts of Parasol Winged Airplanes including Pietenpols, Heaths, Corben Aces, Pober Pixies and any other open cockpit plane with a strut and cabane mounted wing.

Mark Jones' KR-2S Construction Site
A must see for any KR-2 builder or fan. Excellent photo log of building and tons of KR-2 links.

Just Plane Frank
Frank Beeler's Outstanding Rans S7 Courier project web site. Info on the design, tons of construction photos and very detailed descriptions. This site is better than some FAA Builder's Logs I've seen.

Keith Kent's Kolb Firestar II
Pictures and info about this beautiful aircraft.

Kevin's RV-8 Project
Kevin Horton's excellent web pages on building his Van's RV-8. Great pictures and an article on JPI's frivolous lawsuit against Matronics every homebuilder should read.

KIS Cruiser Construction Progress
Detailed photos. A must see for anyone considering a KIS or KIS Cruiser.

Kitfox Outback Project
Jeff Golias' attractive site about his Kitfox Outback project. Detailed builder's log, and great information on deciding what to build.

Kolb MKIII Tweaks & Hints
Richard Pike's modifications and techniques to improve his Kolb MKIII. A valuable resource for any homebuilders, especially ultralight builders.

Lafyette Escadrille D' Arizona Home Page
Based at Chandler Municiple Airport in Chandler Arizona, the squadron flies routinely for anybody that will watch. Built with Graham Lee plans and first flown in 1993, the Nieuports are regular performers for civic and show events in the Phoenix area.

Lancair Homebuilt Kit Project
Rick Argente's great website on the building and flying of his Lancair 360, N360ZR.

Rolf Lerch's Homebuilt Aircraft
Angaben zum Projekt und zum Ablauf der Arbeiten. Bilder der im Bau befindlichen Teile.
Rolf Lerch's German language website on his Volksplane project with a Rotax engine. Online builder's log with lots of pictures.

LN-YTI Radiator Installation
Rolf Nossum's web page on his non-standard installation of the radiator in his Avid Flyer.

Loehle 5151 Mustang Construction
Bruce Watkins' site dedicated to the construction of his homebuilt 5151 Mustang aircraft.

Matt's Page
Matt Burch's website with great construction photos and notes on his Rans S-16 Shekari project. (Matt is also part of the insanely great software company, Ambrosia Software.)

Owen MacPherson's KR2 Construction Page
A detailed log from the begining of construction to test flights, and illustrated with lots of pictures. A must see for any KR builder.

Martin A. McNabb's Mustang II Project
Martin McNabb's Mustang II project web page. Some pictures and a list of hours spent on construction broken down by subassembly.

Mick Duckt N7XR
Excellent site for the ducted fan enthusiast. Documents the development and testing of a ducted fan powered Long-EZE.

Millennium Flight
Site about flying around the world twice in a Rutan Long-Eze modified for long range.

Murphy Rebel Builders List Web Site
This site is for anyone who might be interested in Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. "Rebel" type aircraft. Whether you're building, flying, or just looking, there's plenty of information here for you.

Mustang II Homebuilt Experimental Airplane
A terrific Mustang II website. Lots of construction photos, Mustang II links, stories, and information. A must see for anyone interested in the Mustang II.

N541RY KR-2 Homepage
Ross Youngblood's page on his KR project, N541RY, with lots of pictures. Formerly the home of the KR net.

Nessa Aircraft
Nessa Aircraft a site to inspire amateur aircraft builders on alternate selections for an economical safe approach to flying.

Eric Newton's Bearhawk Construction Site
Eric's third homebuilt, and his second time to list his online builder's log here. Excellent photo coverage and information.

The Nieuport 12 Project
Lots of ideas on building Nieuport 12's, links on Nieuport 12's and 11's, great pictures, information about "The Lost Squadron", and a liberal amount of humor.

North Star
A bilingual website, (English and French,) about the North Star by Custom Flight Components. Lots of information and pictures.

On A Stick Productions
On A Stick, the world of Jeff Dunham. One of the funniest comedians you will see, Jeff Dunham is also a homebuilder. His latest helicopter, a Rotorway RW-162 has the most distintive paint scheme of all time, and a stunning salute to the American Military. It is the cover story of the August, 2002 issue of Kitplanes.

Jerry Parrish's Page
Jerry Parrish's site with pictures of his Berkut project.

Paul's RV-6A "N21PS" Information Page
Pictures, information and tips on building a Van's RV-6A. A great page for anyone building a metal aircraft.

Pete's Hanger
Peter Ferguson's webpage about his Zenith Zodiac 601HDS project, with detailed pictures.

Pflanzer's Pflying Pfactory
Randy Pflanzer's website chronicling his progress building, (and eventually flying,) an F1 Rocket experimental airplane. Very detailed log and lots of pictures.

Phil's Zodiac Scrapbook
Philip Polstra's webpage about his Zenith Super Zodiac project. Many detailed pictures make this a great site for anyone building a metal aircraft.

Piel CP328 Super Emeraude
Derek Long's website about his Piel CP328 Super Emeraude "G-SAZZ".

The PJ-260 Senior Aero Sport Builders Webpages
Mike Townsley's website about his PJ-260 Aero Sport project. Great pictures and descriptions.

The Poosemoth Page
Folis Jones' highly modified and award winning aircraft based on the Murphy Renegade Spirit.

Project Sunbird
A builder's log detailing the construction of a Comp Air 6 aircraft and how Greg and Mary came to the decision to build one.

John Rahn's Rotorway Exec
John Rahn's page on newly started Rotorway A.C.I.S. Exec 162F project.

Rans S9-10 Chaos-Sakota Builders and Flyers Site
This Site is dedicated to the exchange and sharing of information on the construction, customization and flight of the Rans S9/S10.

Ric's Volksplane VP-1
Ric Petit's Evans Volksplane VP-1 project.

Ken Rickards GN1 Aircamper
An excellent online builder's log filled with pictures and information. A must see for anyone building with wood.

Roger's Zodiac 601HDS Page
Roger Kilby's page about his Zenith Zodiac 601HDS including a Builder's Log and Pictures Page.

Ron's Dragonfly
Ron Triano's Viking Dragonfly project. Very well documented project. Lots of well annotated pictures.

S51 Builders Page
Jim Stewart's page on building the Stewart S-51D. Lots of great pictures and links.

Homebuilder site for Super 6S Coyote II N107KW. Kevin Wilkerson's excellent website detailing his project. The decision process behind the choice of the S6S, finding tailwheel training and finding building space are some of the more unusual topics covered. More builders should share this kind of information.

Sadler Vampires
For those who own or just have a facination with Sadler Vampires.

Schreder Sailplane Designs Page
Wayne Paul's pages dedicated to builders and owners of sailplanes designed by Richard Schreder. Pictures, history, design specs and stories any sailplane enthusiast should read.

Seth's Skybolt Page
Seth Fuller's builders log on his Skybolt project. Lots of information on solutions and techniques, even paint schemes for Skybolts. A treasure trove of information and pictures for any biplane builder.

Glen Shearer's Vision Construction Page
Glen Shearer's web page on his American Affordable Vision project.

Shawn Reed's website about his RANS S-16 Shekari project. Tons of photos of his Shekari and other's.

Dr. Rudolf Kuepper's excellent website on his Steen Skybolt project. (In German.)

John Slade's Cozy Page
John Slade's page on his Cozy Mk IV project. Lots of Tips and suggestions, and good documentation of problems encountered and modifications.

Roger Smith's F4U Squadron
F4U Corsair pictures, including numerous pictures of his WAR Corsair homebuilt.

Starduster Biplane Aircraft And Avionics Restoration
A restoration project of N6385C, a Starduster built in 1966. Very detailed pictures of the process.

Michael Stewart's RV-6A
Michael Stewart's page about his RV-6A project. Well organized and documented. Easy to navigate and lots of pictures.

Virgil Stucker's Home Page
Virgil Stucker's page about Avid aircraft and his own Avid Magnum project.

Anthony Szabo's Barracuda Project Site
Pictures and info about building a Barracuda. Anthony is also seeking other Barracuda builders for information exchange.

Tail Feathers Homebuilt Aircraft Homepage
Calvin Thorne's web page with a builder's log and photos of his American Affordable Vision project.

Teenie Two Page
Tomislav Mali's page on the Teenie Two. Here you'll find photos, performance and specifications, construction details and info on Tomislav's own Teenie Two project.

Teenie Two Web Page
Jonathon Peters's excellent page on the Teenie Two, and progress reports and information about his own Teenie Two project. It also has a lot of information and links on Homebuilts and Homebuilt organizations.

The home of "Deal With It", a Stewart S-51D Mustang project. Online builder's log with photos.

Jukka Tervamaki's Experimental Aircraft
Jukka Tervamaki's page on a lifetime of homebuilt experimental aircraft projects.

Tommy's Aviation Page
Tommy Thompson's excellent pages on building his Loehle Aircraft P5151. Lots of pictures, stories and information.

Don Truex's Early Bird Aircraft Jenny Project
A great web site on building a Jenny with pictures and information.

The Unofficial Wittman Tailwind Page
Tailwind photo galleries, Tailwind discussions, Classified advertising, Interactive builders quiz, Tailwind computer wall paper, and more. (Non-Windows computers will have difficulty using this website due to the implementation of Javascript.)

The Unofficial Ultravia Aero Pelican Page
Builder and owner support pages for the Ultravia Aero Pelican, as well as specifications, info and pictures for prospective builders.

The Unofficial Woodstock Homepage
Les Sparks's web page on Jim Maupin's Woodstock design. Lots of info, links and photos on the Woodstock and other Maupin designs.

Vision Builder's Web Page
Vision builder Sean Ponsonby's web page.

VonSquid's SQ2000 Adventure
A great page about building the SQ2000 by KLS Composites, (formerly Glassic Composites, LLC.)

W.A.R. Buddies
The best site for fans of the WAR Aircraft Replicas series of aircraft. It's maintained by Bill Stevens, who has experience building several different models.

W.A.R. Focke-Wulf FW-190
George Dawe's website documenting his 1/2 scale FW-190 project.

Lloyd Watson's Pioneer IID
A great web site about the Pioneer IID flying wing sailplane, and the history of the Marske flying wings.

Windrose Page
A great web page on building the Windrose Motorglider.

Ryan Young's Sonerai Project
The odyssey of Ryan Young's days working on a Sonerai. One of the most extensive collections of Sonerai information on the net.

Zenair Europe
An unofficial page on the Zenair line of aircraft in French.

Zenair STOL CH 701
André van den Elsen's German language webpage on his Netherlands based Zenair STOL CH 701. A vast amount of pictures of all stages of construction make this a great site to visit no matter what your language.

Zenith Zodiac 601HDS Builders
Mark Thomas' page on the building of his Zenith Zodiac 601HDS.

Zodiac 601HDS Project
Don Honabach's experience building the Zodiac 601HDS from the Zenith Aircraft Company. Lots of detailed photos.

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