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The Unofficial Ultravia Aero Pelican Page

Ultravia Pelican

Welcome to the Unofficial Ultravia Aero Pelican Page. These pages are primarily aimed at providing builders and owners of the Pelican with support and information. If you have any info to add to these pages please email pelican_builders@hotmail.com.

Ultravia Pelican

The Pelican is a composite, sheet metal and fabric homebuilt aircraft kits. They are available in trigear or taildragger configurations.

Model Specifications & Performance

Ultravia Pelican PL


Email: pelican_builders@hotmail.com

Visitors Since 13 Nov 98.

Official Factory Information

Ultravia Aero, Inc.
152A Industriel
Gatineau QB
J8P 7G7 Canada

819-669-8406 Fax

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