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This section lists Homebuilt and Homebuilt related Aircraft that are currently in the development stage.
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A-10 Productions
Building a 67% scaled A-10 Thunderbolt II, affectionately called the Warthog.

Developing and building an aircraft called the Peregrin XS-302 to compete for world speed and altitude records. The all composite Peregrin will compete in class C-1.a/0, (661 lbs.gross takeoff weight or less).

Aero Visions International, Inc.
Aero Visions is developing the SkyShark TP-4, a four place, twin engine, three wing aircraft.

Designing a single seat ultralight that can be built in hours instead of years.

BA Aer
Designing a two seat, high wing ultralight called the BA-5 Guri.

BedeAmerica Aerosport LLC
Yet another of Jim Bede's prolific designs and companies. Developing the BD-17 Nugget, a single place, single engine, low wing, high performance sport aircraft.

Canard Specialty
Designing a new canard kitplane called the Dumont.

The Colibri VTOL Aircraft Website
The Colibri is a four engine tilt wing aircraft currently under development.

The Corsair82 Page
The Corsair82 is an 82% F4U-1A Corsair replica being developed by Tony Pileggi. With lots of pictures chronicling the production of the plugs, molds and parts, this site is a must see for any fan of the Corsair or Replica Aircraft.

Creative Flight
Developing a "MultiPlatform" design, composite amphibian. A very unusal design and attractive design with removeable, wing-mounted floats.

Daisy Mae
An all wood tandem seat biplane currently being developed by Marv Reese. Prototype completion date expected late this year (2003) or early next year.

Dynamic Wing Company
Developing a six-seat, cabin class canard aircraft called the Pacifica.

KA Aircraft
Developing a composite version of the Ercoupe in a kit called the Coupe Cruiser.

Lambert Aircraft Engineering
Developing a four seat composite aircraft. The name Mission or M212-series designates a series of light aircraft, developed to modern standards and intended to meet tomorrow's demands and requirements in general aviation.

Mass Flow
Currently reworking the Jet Hawk II ducted fan plans. Also publishes the book, "Ducted Fan Design Vol. 1."

Replica Aircraft Works, Inc.
Developing a radial powered 80% Stearman and 80% Tiger Moth replicas. These will be Sport Aircraft certified aircraft available as kits or complete aircraft.

Russell Aircraft
Working on a two or four seat Bede derivative called the BD-7.

Seastar International
Developing an advanced amphibian design called the Seastar Amphibian.

Sky Struck Enterprises
Sky Struck is currently developing the Sonex, a basic and economical all metal two place monoplane designed to meet the needs of the European and Domstic market. Plans or kits are not yet available.

Smitty Hairplane Company
The Smitty Hairplane Co. is engaged in the building of ducted fan aircraft with automotive power plants. Plans or kits are not yet available.

Sparrow Hawk Aviation Ltd.
Redesigning and improving the Sparrow Hawk created by Boeing aircraft designer Chuck Herbst. The Sparrow Hawk is a two seat aircraft with outstanding visibility.

Spitfire Aircraft Company Ltd.
Spitfire Aircraft Company was formed for the specific purpose of creating a real Spitfire, not a half-size toy or 3/4 scale wannabe that the average pilot can afford. We want a full size, full performance, full power warbird for the same reasons you would want one.

Developing an 80% scale metal P-38 Lightning replica.

Tiswilde Air
Developing the Santa Anna, a Canadian Ultralight.

Ultralight Marketing
Developing a low wing microlight called The Cheeky, and a high wing microlight called The Knot.

Ullmann Aircraft
Developing the Panther kitplane. The Panther is an all metal, four-place, high-wing, high performance (200 knot cruise), fixed gear aircraft. The Panther is designed from the ground up to satisfy the FAA's FAR 23 certification standard in the normal category. The prototype is currently flying.

Viper Aircraft
Viper Aircraft is designing a sleek, two seat aircraft called the Viperfan that will be making it's first test flights in March 1998.

Volante Aircraft
Developing the Volante flying car. This flying car design is a combination of a two-place, 150 m.p.h. aircraft and a useful, highway-speed car. It is a "take all parts with you on the road" flying car, consisting of a flight section which is removable from the car component, and which is transportable by the car in trailer fashion. At flight time, the flight section is easily and safely re-attached to the automobile. The designer was one of the primary designers of the Military OV-10.

Vulcan Aviation
Developing a tandem seat, composite, pusher with removable wings and retractable tricycle landing gear. It will be available in three versions. The V-100 is a kit aircraft being designed from the ground up to be Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) compliant. The V-105 is a non-LSA variant of the 100, with a retractable landing gear option and greater cruise performance. The 105 version is meant for the US Experimental category. The V-110 is the export version, intended to comply with the European 450 Kg rule.

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