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Choosing Your Homebuilt: The One You'll Finish And Fly!
By Kenneth D. Armstrong

ISBN 0-9325-7926-4

For many Homebuilders, deciding what to build is the hardest step, (myself included.) This book can help you decide, or even decide if you should build at all. It will help you find the aircraft you can build, fly and afford. And it provides perspective on almost every aspect of Homebuilding, from deciding whether to go with a kit or plans, to the paperwork involved.
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How To License A Homebuilt Aircraft
By Paul Bergen Abbott

ISBN 0-3176-7355-6

This popular book makes licensing a homebuilt aircraft quick and easy. It explains all the steps and shows all the forms, with filled-out examples. This revised edition now contains a "Quick Start" section that shows 11 steps to a quick and easy inspection and licensing. And it simplifies difficult FAA regulations. It also tells how to buy and sell an aircraft, and compares flying as an ultralight with licensed aircraft. A must-read for every aircraft builder.
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Kitplane Construction, Second Edition
By Ronald J. Wanttaja

ISBN 0-0706-8161-9

This book is a basic 'primer' covering the basic skills and knowledge necessary to build your own homebuilt aircraft. Chapters cover selecting the right kitplane, engine selection, workshop setup, aircraft-quality workmanship, and specific information on all modes of construction. The first edition won the Aviation/Space Writer's Association 1992 Journalism Award in the Technical/Training books category.
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You Want To Build And Fly A What? Or, How I Learned To Fly, Built A WWI Replica, And Stayed Married
By Dick Starks

ISBN 0-9325-7906-X

This is the funniest book in Homebuilt Aviation. This is the story of how Dick Starks got into aviation, and then Homebuilding, and how he and his wife survived/enjoyed the experience. The funniest thing about this story is it's all true! (Just ask his wife.) Having met Dick in person I have tell you that he has a way of looking at any situation that will make you laugh. For a Homebuilder that is a good trait to have. And to top it off it's illustrated by aviation cartoonist, Bob Stevens. You can't help but enjoy this book.
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