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Whether you are an airline pilot, homebuilder, or just like aircraft, Richard Bach is a must read! Like Antoine De Saint-Exupery, Richard Bach takes you flying with each turn of the page.

     Trying to decide what catagory to place Richard Bach's books was a severe brain-teaser. Each of his books belongs in several catagories, or in none. I came to the conclusion that he deserves his own catagory.
     Everyone has a different opinion about what Richard Bach is really writing about. The truth is, they're all right. Many people feel that those of us that fly are a group apart. Richard Bach writes about what it is that make us so, why we are more at home above the earth than on it's surface. These books are all about the wonder and joy of flight.
     Richard Bach is a must read for anyone that needs to rediscover the joy of flying. From the frustrated student, to the bored airline pilot, to the indifferent instructor, and to the discouraged homebuilder, these books were written for you especially.
     And if you haven't lost any of your joy of flying, these books will still add to your life. They are a way to be up in the clouds when you're stuck here on Earth.

Stranger To The Ground
By Richard Bach

ISBN 0-440-20658-8

In this true story, Richard Bach tells the story of a trip from England to Southern France in an F-84F Thunderstreak. This routine courier mission became a duel with storm and night, a duel to the death. This story of man and skill versus nature and death is breathtaking. It stretches into the past filled with thousands of hours of training and experience.
But beyond this Bach writes about the human spirit reaching into the sky. It's about the love of flight, and man's love of his flying machines. And it's of confronting the dark and unknown sky and making it home.
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By Richard Bach

ISBN 0-440-20657-X

What would convince a man to trade a perfectly good cross-country aircraft, with enclosed cockpit, dual com and nav radios in a full instrument system, for a 1929 vintage open cockpit biplane that doesn't even have an electrical system? After you read this book you will no longer ask why, but why not?
This book was written by a pilot to a pilot. This is one of Bach's early works. And it has more of the pilot than the philosopher in it's pages. If you've ever looked at a biplane and wondered, "What if…" this is the book for you.
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Nothing By Chance
By Richard Bach

ISBN 0-440-20656-1

In this book Bach tells the story of how he and two friends set out to spend a summer living in a simpler time. With their two aircraft and a parachute they lived the life of the barnstormers of the 1920's. By selling rides in small towns they pay for their food and fuel, sleeping under the wings of their aircraft. And in the process learn a little about their friendship, fate, and what makes us human. While this book is not exactly a sequel, it has it's own style and meaning, if you've enjoyed Biplane you must read this book.
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Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Story
By Richard Bach

ISBN 0-380-01286-3

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is about a bird not satisfied with being merely a seagull. The other seagulls treat him as an outcast for going outside the norm. But he found a way to to achieve more. And then he went back to teach others. I recomend this book to any flight instructor.
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A Gift Of Wings
By Richard Bach

ISBN 0-440-20432-1

This book is a collection of short stories that span Richard Bach's career as a writer. In these pages he describes the marvel of flight in a way that makes you think about your perceptions about your own life. These are stories anyone will enjoy, pilot or not.
This is my favorite book to end the day. And these stories are just the right length to finish before you turn out the lights.
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Illusions : The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
By Richard Bach

ISBN 0-440-20488-7

In this story two barnstormers make their way across mid-west America. But one of them is not what he seems. This story will make you think about the nature of reality. It's a mystical trip in the cockpit of a biplane. And it has as many non-pilot readers as pilots.
The paperback book, and the cassette, have two editions. Which is cheaper can vary, so I listed both ISBNs. The top one was cheaper when I created this page.
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