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Aviation Internet Directory: A Guide To The 500 Best Web Sites
By John A. Merry

ISBN 0-0713-7216-4

This printed Web site directory of Aviation Web Sites features in-depth reviews on aviation's best Internet sites. Scrutinized for content, design, functionality, and overall intended audience, these award-winners are honored in the book with an in-depth review and a corresponding "1-to-5 plane" rating.
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A Dream Of Flight
By Dr. Igor B. Bensen

ISBN 0-9164-1322-5

This is the autobiographical story of Igor Bensen's invention, the Gyrocopter. At the time it was so different that people bet it wouldn't fly. Igor Bensen describes his struggle to demonstrate his Gyrocopter to the world, eventually attaining acceptance and sucess. The book features many historic photos, including models of the Gyrocopter with six engines, two seats, two rotors, jump takeoff, etc. Also included is a biography of Igor Bensen by Paul Bergen Abbott.
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