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Lilian Jackson Braun

I'm not a mystery fan. In fact, my mystery reading was limited to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. But when I was loaned one of the Cat Who... series by a friend I was instantly hooked. Mystery or not, these are excellent stories. When a new one comes out I make sure I don't have anything else to do, because I know I won't be able to put it down until I've read it through.

The Cat Who... Series
The Cat Who... series of features mystery's the most captivating detective team. Jim Qwilleran, a.k.a. "Qwill," is a hardened, cynical crime reporter that has seen better days, and has little use for cats. Kao K'o-Kung, or Koko as he is more commonly known, is a Siamese cat with a nose for crime that wins over Quill with his intelligence and uncanny sense for the truth in a mystery. Yum Yum is Koko's constant companion, a female Siamese with a mischievous streak.

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover
Jim Qwilleran can't be choosy, so he takes the job on the art beat of the Daily Fluxion. But the assignment turns more interesting when a person is stabbed in an art gallery, paintings are vandalized, and someone falls to their death. Most surprising of all, Koko turns out to be more than just an ordinary cat.

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
Qwill's new assignment is to produce a weekly magazine on interior design, and he's not exactly thrilled. A bad situation turns worse when the cover featured house is burglarized the night before the inaugural is on the stands. Qwill and Koko are on the case.

The Cat Who Turned On And Off - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
Qwill decides to do a series on Junktown. Instead of the den of dope dealers he expected, he found as strange a lot of people as he's ever met. But things aren't always what they seem.

The Cat Who Saw Red - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
Quill gets a gastronomical dream assignment, the gourmet beat. Unfortunately, he's on a diet. Giving it his best shot leads him to move into Maus Haus, the home of a lawyer who would rather be a chef, and finds his long lost love. Unfortunately she's married. And worst of all, there's something sinister going on at Maus Haus.

The Cat Who Played Brahms - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
Qwill heads off into the country to sort out his life. With Koko and Yum Yum he sets out for the country and a cabin owned by a longtime family friend, "Aunt Fanny." Weird things begin to happen, locals are secretive, and Qwill hooks onto a murder at the beach. Meanwhile Koko develops a strange fondness for classical music.

The Cat Who Played Post Office - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
Now that Qwill is a millionaire who can't move away from there, he tries to stay true to himself while living in the mansion he's inherited. To that end he hires eccentric servants, and finds himself with a missing housemaid and a murder to investigate. But can he follow Koko's sense for the truth before the murderer gets to him?

The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
The publisher of the local paper is killed in an accident, but Qwill suspects murder. And Koko's snooping into an unusual edition of Shakespeare is pointing him towards the truth.

The Cat Who Sniffed Glue - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
The son of a rich banker and his wife are found murdered. The police suspect a botched robbery. But Koko's appetite for glue leads Qwill to suspect it's much more.

The Cat Who Went Underground - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
Qwill, Koko and Yum Yum pack up and head for their cabin for the summer. Then the handyman Qwill hired to fix up the place disappears, a serial killer may be running amok, and Qwill is the prime suspect. Can Koko clear Qwill's good name?

The Cat Who Talked To Ghosts - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Turtleback
Mrs. Cobb was hearing things, or so Qwill thought, until he found her body. Qwill moved into the historic farmhouse with Koko and Yum Yum and tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. Strangest of all it looks like Koko is seeing ghosts.

The Cat Who Lived High - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
The historic Casablanca apartment building is going to be demolished. But Qwill thinks it might be a worthy project for the Klingenschoen Fund. With his feline cohorts he moves into the apartment of a murdered art dealer. So what could possibly go wrong?

The Cat Who Knew A Cardinal - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback, Cassette
The universally disliked director of the Pickax Theatre Club's Shakespeare production, Hillary VanBrook, has been murdered in Qwill's apple orchard. With so much happening "behind the scenes" it looks like everyone is a suspect. And Koko appears to be little help as he's preoccupied with a cardinal outside his window, or is he really onto something?

The Cat Who Moved A Mountain - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Turtleback, Cassette
Quill's friends talk about their wonderful vacation in the Potato Mountains leads him to rent a house there for a vacation. Strife between the natives and newcomers, a murder, a man in jail people think is innocent, and Koko's antics are making it less than the enjoyable trip he planned.

The Cat Who Wasn't There - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Turtleback, Cassette
Qwill goes to Scotland with a group from Pickax, but returns with one less than they left with. When he returns Koko's behavior means only one thing, there's murder afoot and Koko's on the trail.

The Cat Who Went Into The Closet - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Turtleback, Cassette
Jim Qwilleran may be the richest man in Moose County and rampant philanthropist, but he still hates to spend money he doesn't have to. So rather than pay to have the long drive to his apple barn constantly plowed, he rents the Gage mansion for the winter. Koko can't stay out of the closets filled with junk, and Qwill can't get two recent murders out of his mind. Is Koko just being a curious cat, or is he thinking two steps ahead of Qwill?

The Cat Who Came To Breakfast - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Turtleback, Cassette
Qwill, Koko & Yum Yum are visiting Breakfast Island and the bed and breakfast of their long time friends, Nick and Lori Bamba. But things are happening that aren't what you'd expect on a quaint "vacation" island.

The Cat Who Blew The Whistle - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Hardcover, Turtleback, Cassette
Floyd Trevelyan is a millionaire with a king-sized ego. His newly restored historic steam locomotive is the newest attraction in Moose County. But when he disappears with millions of investor dollars, Qwill thinks the police are looking in the wrong place.

The Cat Who Said Cheese - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Hardcover, Turtleback, Cassette
The Great Food Explo is the talk of Moose County. On the menu are restaurant openings, a cheese tasting, bake-off, and lots of gossip. The hotel exploding wasn't. Qwill is convinced a mysterious woman was the intended target, but can he and Koko find her before the murderer does?

The Cat Who Tailed a Thief - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Hardcover, Turtleback, Cassette
The Ice Festival is flooded out by an unprecedented mid-February thaw. But the big news is a series of petty larcenies that plague Pickax. Meanwhile two people are murdered down below. Totally unrelated? Not according to the detective team of Qwilleran, Koko and Yum Yum.

The Cat Who Sang for the Birds - Hardcover, Cassette
Pickax has been saddened by the death of 93-year-old recluse Maude Coggin in a supposedly accidental fire in her decrepit house soon after she'd sold her hundred-acre farm, at a giveaway price, to buyers called Northern Land Improvement. Qwill's suspicions of this deal, reinforced by prescient cats Koko and Yum Yum, lead to his finding the company nonexistent. Some big-time chicanery is afoot, not to mention other odd happenings

The Cat Who Saw Stars - Hardcover
Due to be released January 1999.

The Cat Who... Compilations & Such
These are volumes that contain multiple books from The Cat Who... series, and books that are not part of the actually series.

Three Complete Novels : The Cat Who Saw Red, The Cat Who Played Brahms, The Cat Who Played Post Office - Hardcover

Three Complete Novels : The Cat Who Knew Shakespere, The Cat Who Sniffed Glue, The Cat Who Went Underground - Hardcover

Three Complete Novels : The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, The Cat Who Lived High, The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal - Hardcover

Three Complete Novels : The Cat Who Moved a Mountain, The Cat Who Blew the Whistle, The Cat Who Said Cheese - Hardcover

Three Complete Novels : The Cat Who Wasn't There, The Cat Who Went into the Closet, The Cat Who Came to Breakfast - Hardcover

The Cat Who Had 14 Tales - Mass Market Paperback, Turtleback
Fourteen feline whodunit short stories: A courageous Siamese bags a cunning cat burglar. A country kitty proves a stumbling block in a violent murder. And an intuitive feline's premonition helps solve the case of the missing antique dealer.

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