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Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy writes present-day fiction so real you'd expect to see it in the headlines of your newspaper. The incredible amount of background research and personal experience of the author really shows. Political intrigue, military action, spies and suspense are what it's all about. These books are for everyone that enjoys reading a newspaper, watching 60 Minutes, Indiana Jones movies, or suspense thrillers.

The Jack Ryan Series
This is the series that Clancy is famous for, with several now released as major motion pictures. These books are about the times we live in, in the setting of the life of Jack Ryan, a CIA Analyst, and "Mr. Clark," a CIA operative. For many readers, Jack Ryan embodies the essence of the modern American hero. Morally centered, disciplined, humble yet powerful, Ryan (and his onscreen incarnations in Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford) has made Tom Clancy one of the most popular writers in the world.

Without Remorse - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette
The origins of the mysterious "Mr. Clark," CIA operative.

Patriot Games - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette
Terrorists try to kidnap the Prince and Princess of Wales, but Jack Ryan gets in the way. Now the terrorists are a little upset, and are out for revenge. To defend his family Jack has only one option: The CIA.

The Hunt for Red October - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette
Captain Marko Ramius wants to defect, and he's taking the Soviet Union's newest and most powerful submarine with him. But only Jack Ryan knows it, and he must convince everyone else before the U.S. Navy helps the Soviet Navy blow Ramius out of the water. The movie was good, but the book is great!

The Cardinal of the Kremlin - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette
JFK knew the entire Soviet nuclear inventory wasn't ready to be used during the Cuban Missile Crisis. How? The Cardinal told him. The Cardinal, the best agent the CIA has ever had. So valuable Presidents, and even CIA Directors, don't know who he really is.

Clear and Present Danger - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette
When the drug lords assassinate the Director of the FBI, the President has declared that they present a Clear and Present Danger to the United States. With that pronouncement the war on drugs becomes a real war indeed, if a secret one. But something stinks in the CIA, and Jack Ryan is going to find it.

The Sum of All Fears - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette
People think they're safe from Nuclear Holocaust now that the Cold War is over. They couldn't be more wrong. Terrorists discover just how easy it can be to build the bomb. Can the CIA figure out what's going on before it's too late?

Debt of Honor - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette
Japan is more of an oligarchy than a democracy. Those that are represented are CEOs and Presidents. And one of them has a grudge against the U.S. To settle this Debt of Honor, he plans for Japan to attack the U.S. again. And this time they can't lose, unless Jack Ryan can unravel their plan.

Executive Orders - Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette, Audio CD
A grief crazed Japanese Air Lines pilot has crashed his 747 into the Capitol Building during the State of the Union address. With the President and most of Congress wiped out, Jack Ryan finds himself President of a country that is more vulnerable than ever. And many folks with little affection for the U.S. know it.

Rainbow Six - Hardcover, Cassette Audio CD
Mr. Clark has many of Jack Ryan's most appealing traits, but he is also a darker figure embodying the more paranoid sensibilities of the late '90s. As is made clear from the opening pages of Rainbow Six, ex-Navy SEAL Clark and his colleagues believe violent, deadly force to be the best deterrent for terrorism. Clark (a.k.a. Rainbow Six) has left the CIA to create an England-based organization code-named "Rainbow." Its mission: deploy an elite squad of American operatives combined with handpicked British, French, and German agents to stop terrorism in its tracks. Rainbow's emergence could not be more timely: in quick succession, the force diffuses three attempted terrorist actions. But Clark becomes suspicious when Russian agents suddenly show interest in Rainbow's work.

Boxed Set: Debt of Honor & Executive Orders - Mass Market Paperback

Boxed Set: Without Remorse, the Sum of All Fears & The Cardinal of the Kremlin - Mass Market Paperback

Other Tom Clancy Books
Clancy books that aren't part of a series.

Red Storm Rising - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette
What if the former Soviet Union hadn't gone with Glasnost and Democracy? What if they had turned to a military solution to their problems? This book answers those questions. An excellent military action book.

Tom Clancy's Op Center
The best way to deal with a crisis is to deal with it before it becomes one or, barring that, dealing with it as quickly as possible. The problem is that current organizations can't move fast enough by their very nature. Enter Op-Center: The best of the technology, intelligence, and operatives available today working as one unit. These are not of the same class as Clancy's other books, being either a collaborative work, or being written by another writer altogether. (This is never exactly defined.) Still, these are good spy stories, if not as technically accurate or as well written as one would expect from Tom Clancy.

Tom Clancy's Op Center - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette

Op Center: Mirror Image - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette

Op Center: Games of State - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette

Op Center: Acts of War - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette

Op Center: Balance of Power - Mass Market Paperback, Cassette

Boxed Set: Op Center, Mirror Image & Games of State - Mass Market Paperback

Non-Fiction Books by Tom Clancy
Clancy did so much research for his fictional stories he has become an authority on the military. So it was only natural for him to write it down in a way that anyone could enjoy. These are a behind the scenes look at the military, its people, equipment, technology, and mission in an ever-changing world.

Fighter Wing : A Guided Tour of an Air Force Combat Wing - Paperback

Armored Cav : A Guided Tour of an Armored Cavalry Regiment - Paperback

Marine : A Guided Tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit - Paperback

Submarine : A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship - Paperback

Airborne : A Guided Tour of an Airborne Task Force - Paperback

Into the Storm : A Study in Command - Paperback, Hardcover, Cassette

SSN : Strategies of Submarine Warfare - Paperback, Cassette, Audio CD

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