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Christopher Stasheff

Christopher Stasheff is one of the best Science Fiction & Fantasy writers of all time. Almost everyone who enjoys Fantasy has imagined what it would be like if they were in Medieval times with modern knowledge. Stasheff's stories are often in this setting of modern man lost in the Medieval. What sets him apart is that his medieval characters are actually medieval, in their speech, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs.

A Wizard In Rhyme
How many universes are there? Imagine a world where poetry controls magic, for those that have the gift. Dragons live in the mountains, giants stomp across the countryside, and the middle ages never went away. Now drop in a man from our universe and see what happens.

Her Majesty's Wizard - Mass Market Paperback
Matthew Mantrel was working on his doctorate when he found a scrap of parchment. He read it and found himself in another world, then in a dungeon, then about to be torched by a dragon. Before he realizes what's happening he has sworn fealty to a beautiful princess and become her Wizard. Then things really get interesting.

The Oathbound Wizard - Mass Market Paperback
Matt has put Alisande on the throne. She had said she loved him. But now that she was Queen she wouldn't marry him. After all, a queen marries for the good of her people and her throne. So Matt swears that since she won't marry him because he's not a king he will win a kingdom of his own, or die trying. Unfortunately, he'd forgot he was in a universe in which an oath is binding.

The Witch Doctor - Mass Market Paperback
Saul didn't have many friends. So when Matt disapeared he set out to find him. He didn't realize his search would lead him to another universe. Unfortunately, on the way he ticked off Queen Suettay, who was also an evil sorceress. And when she's unhappy, she's going to make you very unhappy.

The Secular Wizard - Mass Market Paperback
In Laturia the evil king was dead, and his son spurned the rule of Evil. But he didn't have much use for good either. Since the fence is almost impossible to ride in that universe Matt disguises himself as minstrel and heads south to find out what's really going on.

My Son the Wizard - Paperback
Matthew magically sends himself between universes to his hometown, Jersey city. There he finds drug-dealing gangs have reduced the old neighborhood to a wasteland, driven his father out of business, and forced his parents to the brink of destitution and homelessness. So Matt brought his parents to his new home in Merovence. On his return he finds that Merovence and the neighboring Kingdom of Ibile face imminent subjugation by the conquest-hungry Moors. Then Matt discovers that Magic runs in the family.

Starship Troupers This series takes place in the same universe as The Warlock series and occurs just before Escape Velocity.
It's the 26th century, humanity has begun to spread out to the stars, and the Interstellar Dominion Electorate is the government. But democracy is declining fast. Personal liberties are under attack by legislators concerned only with personal power. With censorship on the rise a group of actors decide to form a troupe, buy a ship, and take the show on the road. Taking Broadway to the outlying colonies they may even make a profit, if they can just stand each other.

A Company Of Stars - Mass Market Paperback
Elector Rudders is out to stamp out immorality on Broadway. So when to the going gets tough… well, you know. But when Rudders finds out their plan, he moves to stop them from spreading their immorality to the stars.

We Open On Venus - Mass Market Paperback
The first stop on their tour, New Venus turns out to be a "company town" totally under the control of Amalgamated Petroleum. And Amalgamated doesn't want anything to stir up trouble from the Starship Troupers.

A Slight Detour - Mass Market Paperback
The Starship Troupers make a brief stop on Citadel, and find themselves grounded. Who knew they didn't accept IDE currency? So they must earn local currency to buy fuel. But Citadel is a Puritan Theocracy, and the leaders don't allow immorality like plays.

The Warlock Series
The series that proves science and sorcery can mix. In these stories, Rodney D'Armand, alias Rod Gallowglass, is the agent of a modern scientific and technologic society thousand of years in the future on a lost colony that has regressed to a medieval monarchy. His mission is to steer the government towards a constitutional monarchy. But this assignment is a little more complicated. Gramarye is filled with witches, warlocks, elves, and other supernatural creatures. And someone is working against him.

Escape Velocity - Mass Market Paperback
This story occurs five hundred years before the rest of the series.
Dar was framed. Of course, everyone sent to Wolmar, a prison planet says that. Samantha, a nonconformist looking for corruption and exploitation, finds things aren't what she expected. When a conspiracy to overthrow what's left of democracy by the LORDS party is found out, Dar and Sam must somehow get to Terra and warn the Executive Secretary. But the LORDS are out to stop them.

The Warlock In Spite Of Himself - Mass Market Paperback, Paperback
Rodney D'Armand was an agent of SCENT, an organization whose mission it was to find colonies that had become lost during the dark days of totalitarianism and steer them towards some form of democratic government to prepare them to join the democracy of the rest of humanity. Rod and his robot horse Fess land on Gramarye and are off on another mission. But Gramarye is not your average lost planet. Witches ride broomsticks, warlocks fly through the sky, and elves run rampant across the countryside. Of course, there's got to be a logical, scientific explanation for everything, right?

King Kobold Revived - Mass Market Paperback
Gramarye is under attack from beastmen. How can you defend against an enemy that can freeze you in your tracks? King Tuan must call on the last person he wants to see for help: Rod.

The Warlock Unlocked - Mass Market Paperback
Rod's child has disappeared, literally. And trying to rescue him gets him and his whole family trapped in another world, and it's not the most friendly place to be. And Rod discovers that magic is not just his wife's territory.

The Warlock Enraged - Mass Market Paperback
Rod has trouble controlling his temper, a lot of trouble. And his family is the closest target. But when strange things are occurring in Gramarye that require Rod's investigation, his enemies may just find out he's the wrong person to tick off.

The Warlock Wandering - Mass Market Paperback
Dar and Gwen are kidnapped into the past, five hundred years in the past to be exact. And even in the past, there are people out to get them.

The Warlock Is Missing - Mass Market Paperback
When the Warlock's away, the children will play. When Puck agreed to babysit the Gallowglass children so Rod & Gwen could have a night to themselves, it was only for one evening. But when Rod and Gwen disappear, one evening turns into a day, and then another… And Puck discovers that babysitting witch children is not as easy as he thought it would be.

The Warlock Heretical - Mass Market Paperback
The Abbott and the King aren't seeing eye to eye. And when Rod attempts to mediate the Abbott declares him a heretic. With the Dukes arming for war behind the King or the Abbott, the future looks like a Theocracy or Anarchy. Can Rod prevent either option?

The Warlock's Companion - Mass Market Paperback
Fess has been in the Family for centuries, and the D'Armands were not his first owners. These are the untold stories of Fess.

The Warlock Insane - Mass Market Paperback
An agent slips Rod some witchmoss. But it's not exactly meant to be taken internally. Rod starts seeing things, things that are out to get him. But what if one of his hallucinations is really one of his children. So Rod sets out on his own so he won't harm his family. You know what they say, you're not paranoid if the universe really is out to get you.

The Warlock Rock - Mass Market Paperback
There are strange rocks making their way across Gramarye. It wouldn't be so bad except they are playing music, and they won't stop. Rock music has hit Gramarye, and it's not ready for it.

Warlock And Son - Mass Market Paperback
The Warlock's son is out to see the world. Rod and Fess are trailing behind. Someone's got to watch Magnus' back. But when it comes down to it, Magnus has to make it on his own.

A Wizard in Absentia - Mass Market Paperback
Magnum can't stay on Gramarye. So Rod gives him his spaceship and Fess and sends him out to find his own way in the Universe. This story is continued by The Rogue Wizard series.

M'Lady Witch - Mass Market Paperback
When Prince Alain, the heir apparent to the throne of Gramarye, proposes to Cordelia Gallowglass, daughter of the High Warlock and the most powerful witch in the kingdom, it's less than the romantic episode she dreamed of.

Quicksilver's Knight - Mass Market Paperback
Geoffrey Gallowglass has come of age. But he's found more adventure than he bargained for.

The Rogue Wizard
This series is about the adventures of Magnus D'Armand, son of the Lord Wizard of Gramarye, as he roams the galaxy in search of wrongs that must be put right and oppression that must be overthrown.

A Wizard In Mind - Paperback
Magnus D'Armand, aka Magnus Gallowglass, has set out to prove himself under the alias Gar Pike. In search of adventure he finds himself on the lost colony world of Petrarch. Warring princes have plunged the land into bloodshed and battle. But while he tries to right these wrongs, someone is plotting his destruction.

A Wizard In Bedlam - Mass Market Paperback
Ages ago the Wizard DeCade died leading the last great revolt of the planet Melange's churls. Now the rebellion has once again grown. Dirk DuLain joined the resistance devoted to readying the churls for their next great attempt at freedom. Now that the moment is near, it's do or die, and it doesn't look good, until the mysterious Gar arrives.

A Wizard In War - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover
The medieval planet of Maltroit seems to be reliving Earth's history is the worst possible way. Magnus has followed in his father's footsteps and is trying to change things on Maltroit. But unlike his father, Magnus isn't too concerned with the rules.

A Wizard In Peace - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover
This time even Magnus, aka Gar, and his friend Dirk may not be able to defeat this tyrant. The Protector dictates even the thoughts of his "loyal" subjects. And Gar can't find anyone willing to oppose him. How can you spark a revolt when you can't find any tinder?

A Wizard In Chaos - Hardcover
The planet Durvie, founded by anarchists, has mostly regressed into squabbling statelets, except for the laser-packing, high-tech Fair Folk of the Hollow Hills, who masquerade as magic-powered fairies in order to parasitize the local Milesians. Enter Gar Pike and Dirk DuLaine, who aren't about to let that stand.

A Wizard in Midgard - Hardcover
Alone again, unless you count the robot spaceship Herkimer, Magnus Gallowglass, aka Gar Pike, lands on a planet whose civilization is literally Wagnerian. Thanks to a series of accidents and wars, its population is divided into normal-sized Midgarders, Jotunheim giants, and Niebelheim dwarves. The Midgarders constantly persecute the other groups, though without much success. Somehow Gar must find a way to draw these people into a healthy society.

The StarStone
The Ulin were the Elder Race, powerful in arms and in magic, scornful of men, elves, and the other Younger Races. And worst among these tyrants was the terrible Ulahane the Red…
Only one Ulin dared oppose the Scarlet One. He was called Lomallin, and he protected the human creatures, teaching them and nurturing their talents. When these two mighty giants clashed, it was foretold that Lomallin could vanquish Ulahane, but first he must die. Until then, the contest for the fate of the Younger Races would be fought by humans themselves.

The Shaman - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover
The Ulin are the Elder Race, tyrannical giants who rule their human subjects with terror. When they cause the death of his wife, Ohaern vows revenge, and leads the ultimate revolt of humans against their godlike oppressors.

The Sage - Mass Market Paperback, Hardcover
Five centuries after "The Shaman," the shaman Ohearn has been sleeping since he defeated the evil demigod Ulahane, but now Ulahane's son Bolenkar is seeking power and unleashing people's worst instincts all over the land. Ohearn needs to forge not only a sword to kill Bolenkar but also a wielder of the sword, so he faces the task of turning a lazy, thieving young man into a hero.

Other Christopher Stasheff Books

Dragon's Eye - Mass Market Paperback
Edited by Christopher Stasheff, short stories by various authors take you into the world of the Dragon.

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